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mardi 21 mai 2019

SubRosa, c'est fini !


J'écoute que du rap et de la techno en vrai.

SubRosa c'est fini, en tout cas pour le moment.
En effet, le groupe vient de l'annoncer dans un long communiqué sur facebook. 

SubRosa, c'est pas moins de 4 LPs, et plusieurs autres sorties, en un peu plus de 13 ans. Le dernier album en date étant For This We Fought the Battle of Ages.

Désormais, les membres du groupes annoncent se concentrer sur d'autres projets, notamment musicaux.

"After a magical 13-year run, SubRosa is calling it quits (for now). Rebecca decided she wanted to focus on her solo project, The Keening, and Kim, Sarah, Levi and Andy have all been able to focus their creative energies on other musical ventures. We would never have experienced our dreams as reality without you, and we cannot thank you enough. Rather than despairing over what is lost, we want to continue this journey with you. We are all on fire right now writing new music:

• Kim and her partner are soon releasing their noise/doom/electro-magma love child into the world as Teleprom.


• Andy is about to put out a new record with his 2-piece Bass and Drums band DØNE.


• Sarah and Zachary Livingston from Minsk are releasing the first Asphodel Wine album “Slowdance Macabre” – a dynamic sonic narrative of love, passion, fire and the perils of consciousness – early next year, and are already writing their second album.

Instagram: @asphodelwine

• Rebecca has started writing music for her solo project The Keening.

Instagram: @thekeeningmusic

• And last but not least, Andy, Kim, Levi, and Sarah are writing an album that is heavier than a truckload of lead bricks. Our band is unnamed as of this announcement, but we will keep you posted on that.

If you ever came to a SubRosa show, listened to a song, gave us a place to crash, booked a show, promoted our music, or worked with us in any way, you were part of our dream. In particular, we'd like to thank our label owners and booking agents: Chris BruniNathan CarsonNanouk de Meijere and Ola Blomkvist, for supporting us continually through the years.

We love you."