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mercredi 25 octobre 2017 - Nostalmaniac

EXCLU HU : « Pleonexia », le nouvel album de Krane en écoute intégrale


Le Max de l'ombre. 29 ans. Rédacteur en chef de Horns Up (2015-2020) / Fondateur de Heavy / Thrash Nostalmania (2013)

Le groupe suisse Krane (Post-Metal/Post-rock) va sortir son deuxième album studio, « Pleonexia », le 27 octobre prochain via Czar Of Crickets Productions.

En avant-première sur HU, vous pouvez l'écouter en intégralité ci-dessous.


1. Deception
2. I: Strategic Level
3. Destabilisation
4. II: Operational Level
5. III: Tactical Level
6. Combat
7. Aftermath

“A state of armed conflict between societies. It is generally characterized by extreme aggression, destruction, and mortality, using regular or irregular military forces.”[1]

This is the official definition of war.

With the opus “Pleonexia” (gr. Pleon, echein), whose name stands for greed and covetousness, we try to reflect on the three different levels of war. 
In our times, the patterns in war seem more visible than ever, as we can understand different sources of information instantaneously. 
The implementation of these patterns proved to be a difficult endeavour, as the cooperation of these three levels works in seemingly transitionless harmony.  
This “transitionless harmony” is what we try to cast in sound with “Pleonexia”.

All sound generators used for the album are analog and have been recorded and produced at our rehearsal room in Basel Kleinhüningen.

[1] Source - Wikipedia

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