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samedi 21 janvier 2017

Un sixième album pour Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition


Dans l'équipe car il était là avant.

Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition vient d'annoncer que son sixième album, RAPING ANGELS IN HELL, était fin prêt ! Il sortira à l'occasion des 21 ans d'existence du groupe et, pour l'occasion, ils "reviendront à leurs origines en réincorporant leurs influences Porn Grind".

C'est Kevin Foley (ex-plein de trucs qui tapent) qui se chargera de la batterie. Plus d'info à venir.

Tracklist :

01 - Sabbaths Night (The Impure Reptile)
02 - The Day They Dissect Me
03 - Apostate Angels (Ritual and Taboo)
04 - Grumbling Hive
05 - Medico Legal Psalmody
06 - Spark Of Being
07 - Maggots Feed On Carrion
08 - Ruddy Sleep (The Remains)
09 - The Spoils Of The Battle
10 - The Torture Chamber
11 - Under The Caterpillar Tracks
12 - Raping Angels In Hell

"Expect 42 minutes of pure death grind with the return of porno gore influences in an album where musical composition, text writing & graphic creation have been pushed to its best completion so far.

Our long time friend Kevin Foley is hitting the drums and the talented Thibault Bernard (Convulsound Studio) has done the drums recording, album mixing and mastering.

The result is a massive, organic and thick overall sound that highlights at the fairest these new songs.

Stay tuned for a release date & shows that are currently being booked.