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lundi 6 mai 2019

Sepultura de retour en studio cet été


Le Max de l'ombre. 29 ans. Rédacteur en chef de Horns Up (2015-2020) / Fondateur de Heavy / Thrash Nostalmania (2013)

Le groupe brésilien Sepultura (Groove/Thrash Metal) va débuter au mois d'août l'enregistrement de son quinzième album aux Fascination Street Studios d'Örebro, en Suède.

Ce nouvel opus sera produit par Jens Bogren (Opeth, Katatonia) et devrait sortir en février 2020.

Voici ce qu'Andreas Kisser a déclaré au média :

“We are currently working on new ideas, on new music. Actually, since September-October last year, we started putting ideas together, demos. Me and Eloy Casagrande, the drummer, working in São Paulo, just building the basic structure of the songs, and Derrick and Paulo working in their houses as well, putting their input. And we have about now around 10 songs. We would like to put an album with 12 songs — that’s the idea — plus record some covers and bonus tracks for special releases and stuff.

It’s great that we have this tour in April [and May], that we leave the studio a little bit to come on stage and play again. I think it’s gonna bring a whole new energy and motivation to go back and finish our work.

We still have a lot to do, but we’re going in the studio in August in Sweden with Jens Bogren, which is the same producer and the same studio we used for ‘Machine Messiah‘. And yes, the idea is to put out the album in February 2020. We have a concept already, we have a name, but we cannot share it yet.”

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Leur dernier album, « Machine Messiah », est paru en 2017.