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lundi 4 juin 2018

Burzum, c'est terminé


C'est après avoir donné, lors d'un concours, sa copie du légendaire premier album du non moins légendaire Burzum que Varg Vikernes, tête pensante du projet, a mis fin à celui-ci.

Découvrez le communiqué officiel ci-dessous :

"I can add that to you, Burzum is a music project. Some like it, others don't. OK. But to me, Burzum is my painful past in a reeking bog, that took me many years to get out from -- and when I finally did, I just ended up in a new bog.

"Burzum was never my choice of life. I didn't even want to become a musician. It was just something I did whilst waiting for something that never came -- and that never could come.

"I have left all reeking bogs, and I have moved on...

"Bye bye Burzum. See the sun rise and see her banish all the darkness of this world."