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lundi 4 juillet 2016

Mos Generator dévoile "Strangest Times"


J'écoute que du rap et de la techno en vrai.

Les Américains de Mos Generator (Stoner/Rock) sortiront leur nouvel album « Abyssinia » le 15 juillet prochain via Listenable Records.

Après "Wicked Willow", découvrez "Strangest Times" ci-dessous !

Quelques mots du vocaliste/guitariste Tony Reed à son propos : "I like getting directly to the guts of things at the beginning of a record. Within two seconds after it starts, 'Strangest Times' is in full flight and all instruments and vocals are in play. It’s a pusher about the weight of guilt and the sacrifices people make to move through this life with one another. Unlike some of the other material on 'Abyssinia,' it’s a very typical Mos Generator song. Quick and to the point and very fun to play live."

Tracklist :

1. Strangest Times
2. You’ve Got A Right
3. Catspaw
4. Easy Evil
5. Wicked Willow
6. As Above So Below
7. Red Canyons
8. There’s No Return From Nowhere
9. Time & Other Thieves
10. Outlander