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lundi 29 février 2016

"Alternation", le nouveau clip vidéo de Sarke


Le Max de l'ombre. 29 ans. Rédacteur en chef de Horns Up (2015-2020) / Fondateur de Heavy / Thrash Nostalmania (2013)

« Bogefod », le prochain album des Norvégiens de Sarke (Black/Thrash Metal), sortira le 11 mars prochain chez Indie Recordings.
On retrouve au sein du lineup Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone) et Sarke (KholdTulus).

La vidéo du titre "Alternation"  se visionne ci-dessous.
La lyric-video du titre "Sunken"  est toujours disponible ici.

1. Taken    
2. Blood of Men
3. Barrow of Torolv
4. Alternation
5. The Wicked’s Transient Sleep
6. Burn
7. Dawning
8. Evil Heir
9. Sunken


Several retrospective musical elements enhance the underlying story, as the warm sound of a 100-year-old guitar colors the otherwise icy and grim atmosphere of Nocturno Culto’s screams. In addition to this, the ballad in the track ‘Dawning’ in between all the ripping and chilling moments throughout the album enriches the contrast and contributes to telling the story’s true and folky nature. 

Sarke is in a sense a band formed by legends of the darker metal genre, with the prementioned Nocturno Culto on vocals, Steinar Gundersen (Satyricon) on guitar, Thomas “Sarke” Bergli (Khold, Tulus) on bass and Anders Hunstad (El Caco) on keyboards. Together they have crafted an extremely immersive album surely to draw the listener into a historical and dark universe in a way no one ever have before.