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lundi 3 août 2015

Nouvelle vidéo de Terror


Avocat le jour, rédacteur sur Horns Up la nuit et photographe à mes heures perdues.

Terror a mis en ligne une vidéo pour son titre Mind At War, extrait de l'album The 25th Hour qui sortira le 7 août prochain via Century Media / Victory Records.

Scott Vogel a précisé à propos de ce titre : "When nick first showed me this song I immediately thought it had a DRI four or a kind / crossover feel to it which I love and is pretty fresh for Terror. Lyrically everyone can relate to this. All our minds are at war within ourselves and in this fucked up world. We needed a visual that bought to life the dark side of our thoughts and finally, we have the Tom Soares legendary sound really showing thru on this track".

Tracklist :
1. The 25th hour
2. No time for fools
3. Bad signs
4. Feed the rats
5. The solution
6. Blinded by the light
7. Trust no face
8. Why?
9. Mind at war
10. Snap
11. Sick and tired
12. Life goes on
13. Both of you
14. Deep rooted