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dimanche 26 novembre 2017

Abigor dévoile de nouveaux extraits de son prochain disque


Voix derrière River Of Gold.

Le combo de Black Metal autrichien Abigor dévoilait en juillet dernier son prochain disque : Höllenzwang.
Ce que nous apprenons désormais, c'est que l'album vient d'être envoyé au pressage, et devrait sortir prochainement via Avantgarde Music.

Découvrez de nouveaux extraits du disque ci-dessous !

"Höllenzwang - chronicles of perdition

is now being sent off to the pressing plant. True to our continuing refusal of commercial marketing, there won´t be any fancy youtube video, tons of merch or other promotion campaigns. This is the first glimpse of what you could expect on the forthcoming album - condensed to 36 minutes of pure aural evil.
The only noteworthy information to pass on is the underlying musical / technical concept of the album: there is no - not one single - additional guitar track recorded. No additional melody, no solo, no doubletracks. Instrumentally, we limited ourselves to record a rather natural and direct album consisting of 2 guitars, a bass and „blastbeat“ free drums. To remember the original idea of early 90s Black Metal which always meant both - TRADITION and at the same time INNOVATION. The past is alive, the black flame burns bright - all hail darkness and evil!